Business loans

With PreFinance, you not only get a partner who enables acquisitions, investments and strengthened liquidity, but also a business partner who understands and knows your business.

Customized loan solutions

Many of our customers often request arrangements that ordinary banks have no solution for. It could, for example, be about order financing, bridge financing or loans for companies where the security lies in other types of assets than the traditional ones. We work with several partners who offer modern loan solutions and can find plans that are adapted based on your company's conditions.

Business loans

A business loan is a form of external business financing that you can use for several purposes, for example to hire staff, buy/rent premises or invest in marketing. Many entrepreneurs also use business loans to strengthen cash flow during periods of temporary liquidity shortages.

Real estate financing

En finansiering för dig som t.ex. skall påbörja ett byggprojekt och behöver kapital för att genomföra projektet. Eller för dig i ett påbörjat projekt som kostat mer än vad du räknat på.

Bridge financing

Bridge financing can usually be seen as shorter-term financing. Usually with a term of 6-18 months. This financing solution can usually be seen as a temporary solution until you find a more permanent solution to your situation.

Order financing

Order financing enables larger purchases, which leads to more business and increased turnover. The service is aimed at both small start-up companies and larger established players. Fast payments can lead to checkout discounts and improved cooperation with the supplier. It gives you increased liquidity, the opportunity for further growth and a secure payment chain.