Business Leasing & Renting

Business Leasing & Renting are popular ways to finance your investments as it means many advantages for you and your business.

Business leasing

Why choose leasing? 

What is common in almost all industries is that investment is required for the company to continue to develop and be prosperous. Leasing is usually the easiest and most advantageous way to finance a product into the business. You don't have to tie up your capital in a product that decreases in value over time and has the same monthly cost over the entire leasing period, which makes it easy for you to budget your investment. Leasing is also tax-deductible, which means that you do not have to tax the object as an asset


Advantages of leasing

  • Budgeting and liquidity planning becomes easy when, as the lessee, you know in advance the leasing fee for the entire contract period and that the financing is secured during the entire leasing period.

  • The company avoids heavy one-off expenses and keeps the loan space with the bank.

  • The leasing fee is tax deductible, that is, it is deducted as an expense.

Business leasing flow together with PreFinance

1 - You choose what you want to finance and we buy the object from the supplier.

2 - We lease the object to you and you have 100% right of use.

3 - You receive your contract and get full control of what your monthly cost will be and the length of the agreement.

4 - At the end of the agreement, you have three options, buy the object at the residual value, extend the agreement or return the object.



Renting is a flexible financing solution

Renting is the most flexible option when it comes to investing in a product. Renting is suitable for those who want to use a product for a certain period of time without owning it. During the contract period, you can, for example, exchange your product for a newer alternative. Or to a product that suits your business better right now. Renting a product does not affect the company's balance sheet nor the equity ratio.

Should you e.g. have a limited time pop-up store and you want to be sure that you can return furniture and equipment after the season, renting can be a good option.


The benefit of renting
  • During the contract period, you have the opportunity to upgrade or change the rental object.

  • The cost of the rental object is 100% deductible & the company's balance sheet is not affected. Which means that it does not negatively affect the company's ability to pay.

  • The company avoids heavy one-off expenses and keeps the loan space with the bank.

Rent flow together with PreFinance

1. You find equipment that you want to rent and we buy the equipment.

2. The equipment is owned by us and you rent it from us for a monthly fee.

3. The agreement expires and you have three options: return the equipment, extend the rental period or update the equipment.