Customer financing

As a supplier, do you want to get more business through and be able to offer your customers an attractive payment solution such as business leasing?
Become a partner with us at Prefinance and we will take care of your customers' financing.

"Lost business due to denied credit is inevitable, but can be minimized. Let us help your company to more and bigger business"

The advantages of us as a financing partner    

We act as a financial advisor to your customer.

With our experience in your industry, we can act as a sounding board for your customer and find a financing solution that suits your customer's business. We engage in a dialogue with the customer, familiarize ourselves with the customer's business and see which financing solution suits this particular customer. As well as ensuring that the customer can complete their investment of your object. Which means that you, as a supplier, don't have to spend unnecessary time on customers who don't have their financing in place.

We cooperate with several banks/credit bureaus.

Your customers can do more business with you as a supplier when you have us as a financial partner, as we can distribute the investment risks on several credit desks and find flexible solutions and price models depending on what benefits your customer the most.

We speak the language of the bank and the customer.

Different from many banks, we are familiar with the customer's industry and look at the potential for the customer and their investment. We always make an assessment of the customer's payment possibilities, where ordinary banks can give automatic rejections just by checking certain key figures for the company.

Safer payment

It is time consuming for you to familiarize yourself with how & if the customer can finance their purchase. We are the ones responsible for payment so you don't have to think about whether your customers are liquid enough to pay or not, that's our job.

The advantages of us as financial partner 
  • With our experience in your industry, we can provide professional advice and find flexible solutions.

  • You save time and can focus on doing more business.

  • The possibility of getting more deals through increases.

How does it work with us as a partner?
  1. Your customer is interested in your item, you send us the offer.

  2. We contact your customer, familiarize ourselves with the customer's business and develop a financing solution based on the customer's situation.

  3. When we receive an approved credit for the solution we developed together with the customer, we help the customer with the financing.

  4. We pay you and you agree with the customer how the delivery should take place.